Where can you find speed, performance, handling and advanced european styling all in one place? The Motronix Project cars gallery. Featured in this gallery is some of the unique cars that we have worked on. If you have questions about any of these vehicles please feel free to contact us.
Randys 1988 BMW M3 (M50 Motor Conversion)
Don’t feel bad. Not everyone can own an E-30 3-Series with a 1999 E-36 M3 motor under the hood. Most people don’t have the patience for placing an OBD II engine onboard an 1988 chassis for all the headaches that ensue—then again, Randy Sparre isn’t your everyday kind of person. Despite all the hurdles, one thing is for certain: Based on the continuous smile on Randy’s face, he sure isn’t blue. Proving he was a little more than average, Randy decided the stock 325 engine in his E-30 needed to be replaced by something that would speak to him, thus a 1999 3.2L M motor was transplanted into the engine bay by Motronix Motorsports in Woodbridge, Ontario. Accompanying the engine swap were various other engine upgrades, such as a 1994 M50 BMW intake manifold, a throttle body that was bored 4.5 mm over stock, and an E-34 5-Series oil pan. To finish up the engine, Randy turned to aftermarket tuners and affixed Dinan high-flow fuel injectors, a Genie Street Sport header, DynoMax 2.25-inch exhaust piping, a Magnaflow catalytic converter, a Brullen muffler, and STW DTM-style tips. Taking care of the engine management, Randy opted for a custom-mapped GIAC chip. Strapped to the dyno, the E-30/E-36 hybrid is capable of 223 horses and 188 lb-ft to the wheels